A Call to Action, a Book Wish List, and an Appreciation for Dad

A Call to Action:

Tomorrow there will be an action in Queens against the development of a megachurch (five. damn. stories.) that could lead to gentrification in Woodside, also known as Little Manila. We’re not here for development by government and private entities alike and their appropriation of space for middle- and upper-class folks but instead for development that is meant to serve the needs of the current working-class immigrant families of color that currently reside there. The community members themselves should have the power to determine what happens in/to their communities. For anyone or anything else to wield such power is a form of colonialism. Come through and support the Woodside community in defending itself against intervening, exploitative forces.

A Book Wish List:

  1. Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines by Alexis Pauline Gumbs
  2. Dark Matters by Simone Brown
  3. Too Much and Not the Mood: Essays by Durga Chew-Bose
  4. Babaylan: An Anthology of Filipina and Filipina American Writers Edited by Nick Carbó and Eileen Tabios
  5. Saga Vol. 1 Written by Brian Vaughan and Illustrated by Fiona Staples

An Appreciation for Dad:

I spent the entirety of the car ride going to therapy forcing letting my dad listen to Rihanna’s performances at the VMAs because I really wanted to share how great she was and just thought my dad should know, you know? Do you though? Because I really don’t know why I felt so inclined.

He listened patiently, kindly, said that he really liked the bass line there and her vocals there. (He was big fan of “Love on the Brain.” He has good taste, imo.) But I could tell that he wasn’t into it–not as much as he was into my being so excited to show him these videos.

So here’s appreciation for dad. For I only hope to listen and make room for people to talk about things they’re excited about like he does.


Here’s a June Jordan quote, from her essay, “Civil Wars”:

“We are not powerless. We are indispensable despite all atrocities of the state and corporate policy to the contrary. At a minimum we have the power to stop cooperating with our enemies. We have the power to stop the courtesies and let the feelings be real. We have the power not to vote, and not to register for the draft, and not to applaud, and not to attend, and not to buy, and not to pay taxes or rent or utilities. At the very least, if we cannot control things we can certainly mess them up…

And in every instance, it has never been who is the leader but rather who are the people. It has never been what is the organization but what is the crisis.”

And no matter the crisis, the people are always the solution.


Good night. Sleep well.



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