Five Things 1/3/17

(One of my favorite writers Ashley Ford used to post “five things” every Sunday recapping her week and this post’s framework definitely is inspired by it.)

  1. When I told my therapist in group today that I feel uncomfortable being the only non-white person in the room, she actually tried the color blind thing. The words “Oh I didn’t realize! I don’t see color!” came out of her mouth. White people, get your people. Help them do a simple Google search.
  2. I broke my no-sugar-liquid diet again and am currently guzzling down a 2-liter Coke because I don’t love myself.
  3. Happiest moment tonight was eating my chicken kebab and listening to ANTI while waiting for my bus home.


  1. I got a new comic called 4 Kids Walk into a Bank in Forbidden Planet today, and it feels like Wes Anderson movie meets Paper Girls.
  1. Things I’m going to read before I go to bed because
    I’m back to my terrible sleeping habits
     I really need to close these tabs because I can’t tell one from the other in my browser
    I can sleep in tomorrow:

    1. “2017: Your Horoscope For The Year Ahead” by Chani Nicholas (FIRST THINGS FIRST.)
    2. “The University and the Undercommons: Seven Theses” by Fred Moten and Stefano Harney
    3. “CPP holds peace rally, celebrates 48th anniversary in Quezon” by Manila Today Staff
    4. “The Ecstasy of Frank Ocean” by Doreen St. Félix
    5. “Black Study, Black Struggle,” a forum opening by Robin D. G. Kelley
    6. “Why We Need a Filipino Jesus” by Drew Miller
    7. “The Political Legacy of the Filipino Sixty-Eighters” by Mong Palatino
    8. “Why the New People’s Army Can Never Be Defeated” by Raymond De Vera Palatin and translated by Mark Anthony V. Ambay III
    9. “How I Learned to Break Bread with My Mental Health” by Tracy Wan
    10. “Catboy’s Party,” a comic by Benji Nate
    11. “What Grace Jones Taught Me About Fashion and Ferocity” by Ashley Ford
    12. “Building a Prison-to-School Pipeline” by Larissa MacFarquhar
    13. “The One-State Solution” by Edward Said
    14. “How Many NGOs Serve Capitalism and Imperialism” by Stephanie McMillan and Vincent Kelley
    15. “Rihanna, Rock Star in Repose” by Doreen St. Félix
    16. How To: Encrypt Your iPhone by Surveillance Self-Defense
    17. “The Cleanest Death” by Jenny Zhang (Again)
    18. “Snarling Girl” by Elisa Albert
    19. “What Happens to NPA After Peace Pact is Signed?” by ABS-CBN News
    20. “A Communal Struggle on the Bus to Rikers” by Alan Feurer
    21. “Life and Death: My Chemical Romance and 10 Years of the Black Parade” by Hanif-Willis Abdurraqib
    22. “Mind No Mind” by Jia Tolentino
    23. “Mitski the Healer” by Eric Torres
    24. “Chicago Artists Are Making Music For The City They Want To Live In” by Hannah Giorgis
    25. “George Michael Mattered Beyond the Music” by Wesley Morris

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